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Команда Значение Тип Описание
deathmatch1 , "nf"Running a deathmatch server.
debug_physimpact0 , "sv" 
decalfrequency10, "sv", "nf" 
default_fov 90, "cheat", "cl"  
demo_debug0  Demo debug info.
demo_fastforwardfinalspeed20 Go this fast when starting to hold FF button.
demo_fastforwardramptime5  How many seconds it takes to get to full FF speed.
demo_fastforwardstartspeed2  Go this fast when starting to hold FF button.
demo_interpolateview1  Do view interpolation during dem playback.
demo_pauseatservertick0  Pauses demo playback at server tick
demo_quitafterplayback0  Quits game after demo playback.
demo_recordcommands 1  Record commands typed at console into .dem files.
demogototickcmd  Skips to a tick in demo.
demolistcmd  Print demo sequence list.
demopause cmd  Pauses demo playback.
demoresumecmd  Resumes demo playback.
demos cmd  Demo demo file sequence.
demotimescale cmd  Sets demo replay speed.
demotogglepause cmd  Toggles demo playback.
demouicmd  Show/hide the demo player UI.
developer 1  Show developer messages.
differences cmd  Show all convars which are not at their default values.
disconnectcmd  Disconnect game from server.
disp_modlimit 80  
disp_numiterations1 , "cheat"  
dispcoll_drawplane0 , "sv" 
displaysoundlist0 , "sv" 
drawcross cmd  Draws a cross at the given locationArguments: x y z
drawlinecmd  Draws line between two 3D Points.Green if no collisionRed is collides with somethingArguments: x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2
drawradar cmd  Draws HUD radar
dsp_automatic 0 , "demo" 
dsp_db_min80, "demo" 
dsp_db_mixdrop0 , "demo" 
dsp_dist_max1440, "a", "demo"  
dsp_dist_min0 , "a", "demo"  
dsp_enhance_stereo0 , "a"  
dsp_facingaway0 , "demo" 
dsp_mix_max 0 , "demo" 
dsp_mix_min 0 , "demo" 
dsp_off 0 , "cheat"  
dsp_player0 , "demo" 
dsp_room0 , "demo" 
dsp_slow_cpu0 , "a", "demo"  
dsp_spatial 40, "demo" 
dsp_speaker 50, "demo" 
dsp_vol_2ch 1 , "demo" 
dsp_vol_4ch 0 , "demo" 
dsp_vol_5ch 0 , "demo" 
dsp_volume1 , "a", "demo"  
dsp_water 14, "demo" 
dti_flush cmd  Write out the datatable instrumentation files (you must run with -dti for this to work).
dtwarning 0  Print data table warnings?
dtwatchent-1 Watch this entities data table encoding.
dtwatchvar0  Watch the named variable.
dump_globalscmd  Dump all global entities/states
dumpstringtablescmd  Print string tables to console.
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