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29.07.2012 - 17:51

v1.0 (04/07/2010)
-Added definitions.
-Changed datacachesize value.

v1.01 (02/08/2010)
-Added and edited definitions.
-Added buy binds.
-Added console filtering of achievements.
-Added more fps commands.
-Added scoreboard dead player colour change.
-Changed the set-out of the config allowing for easier use of the 'custom commands'.
-Changed the look of the net usage graph.
-Fixed crashes.
-Removed "cl_lagcomp_errorcheck".
-Set cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate to 67.
-Set r_staticprop_lod to 3 to avoid being kicked by zBlock.

v1.02 (12/10/2010)
-Added new crosshair commands.
-Removed outdated commands:
-Stopped mat_antialias from automatically setting as it can cause crashes.

v1.03 (30/10/2010)
-Added hud commands:
-Removed outdaded command:

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