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EST Replacement v0.66 для CSS

21.04.2011 - 18:13

Изменения с версии 0.65 > 0.66 (без перевода):

* est.help and est.credits interfaces for Python.
* est_client_keypress event (taken from L'In20Cible's Client Keypress 1.3 viewtopic.php?f=149&t=40490)
* est_getentityindex

* Oops! There was still the es.fire issue of 2011/2/22. Now it'll work fine after map changes.
* playerfilter behavior that returned userid 0 for non existed users
* est_endround (taken from L'In20Cible's Corelib's Endround v1.1 viewtopic.php?t=42266)
* est_unhook bit operation
* est_rocket to unfreeze users [no one could escape from rocket!]
* est_showmenu to support 0 (= forever) and no longer remain after round changes
* est_getweaponindex to return 0 instead of None
* est_dissolve to allow extra parameters
* the number of player weapon slots from 48 to 7 for speed improvement
* invalid offset checking
* offset values to April 15 2011 version
* restrict, rocket, escort, and getchat implementation
* some ineffective loop code
* string concatenation methods from + to %s
* alias and timeleft of cheatish [I'll rewrite hook cheatish commands next time]
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